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    A love story set in the 1950’s in a town where race is an issue. There are two families: The Cardigans and The Turners. The Cardigan’s son, Jonathan, falls in love with The Turner’s daughter, Olivia.
    Nastalliagon Productions/Dopeshoes Entertainment is a production company that focuses on various aspects of entertainment. We are currently filming TV mini-series,” For A Dark Skin Girl” written and directed by Brigid Turner.
    Recent projects include: A 25-Year Wait (short), The Many Break-ups of Lincoln Rose (short), 5 music videos (the most recent “Close the Chapter” by Lucius Clark) winning Brigid Turner 3 independent awards from Her most current interview is with online magazine,, where she was featured as “a young

    starlet on the rise”. She is listed as IMDB’s “Up and Coming Actors to Look Out For”. She was recognized for her work in the entertainment and humanitarian community which led her to receive the 2013 Beauty and the Beat Heroine of Excellence Award.

    Throughout Brigid’s childhood she was often told “you are pretty for a dark skin girl” even as an adult in the year 2012 she was still being told this. This is what prompted her to tell this story.

    For A Dark Skin Girl is in pre-production and production will take place in New Orleans. The goal is to raise $20,000+ for the first episode. This will assist in the funding for equipment, cast, crew and all aspects to make this project happen.

    For A Dark Skin Girl